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Big River United Energy, LLC (BRUE) is a 110 million gallon per year nameplate Fagen/ICM ethanol plant in Dyersville, Iowa. It was formerly owned by Verasun and operated for 73 days in 2008. The plant will consume 37 million bushels of corn annually within a 50 mile radius of Dyersville.

BRUE was formed to purchase and operate the ethanol plant from Ag Star Financial Service. BRUE's owners are:

Big River Resources, LLC (majority owner & manager) based in West Burlington, IA

United Coop (member company) based in Beaver Dam, WI

Rumbold & Kuhn, Inc. (member company) based at 14890 Township Rd 300N, Wyoming, IL

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BRUE Directors/Companies & Management
(From Left to Right)

Damian Girten (BRUE Director-United Coop)
Andy Brader (BRUE Chairman-Big River)
Gene Youngquist (BRUE Director-Big River)
David Cramer (BRUE Director-United Coop)
Pat Hogan (BRUE Plant Manager)
Jim Leiting (Big River General Manager)
Ray Defenbaugh (BRUE Director/Treasurer-Big River)
Alan Jentz (BRUE Vice Chairman-United Coop)
Jim Hall (Big River CFO)
Mike Rumbold (BRUE Director-Rumbold & Kuhn, Inc.)

Missing from picture:
Chris Schwarck (BRUE Director-Big River)

Rumbold & Kuhn's goal is to be diversified in the ag industry, and the ethanol investment seems to fit with our vision:

1) Support the regional grain industry & its price structure.

2) Create regional / local jobs.

3) Investment back into our local communities.

BRUE Fun Facts
* Producation began September 25, 2009.
* A bushel of corn will produce approximately 2.8 gallons of ethanol.
* A barge will hold approximately 1300 tons of DDGS.
* An ethanol truck will transport approximately 7800 gallons of fuel grade ethanol.
* A rail car will transport approximatley 28,500 gallons of fuel grade ethanol.

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