HTA CONTRACTS  10/15/19 12:34:22 PM Contracts 
New HTA Policies Effective 10/15/19


1) Rolling an HTA to another crop year is NOT allowed.

2) Commission for rolling an HTA within the same crop year will be 3 cents on all existing and future HTA's.

3) Minimum corn HTA contract is 2500 bu. and beans 1000 bu. If a corn HTA is less than 5000 bu. and/or a bean contract less than 2500 bu., there will be an additional 1 cent fee.

4) HTA fees, which are deducted from the final price once the basis is set, are as follows:

 (A) Futures sold for the 2019 crop will be charged 3 cents for corn and 5 cents for beans. (B) Futures sold for the 2020 crop will be charged 6 cents for corn and 8 cents for beans. (C) Futures sold for the 2021 crop will be charged 10 cents for corn and 12 cents for beans.

*Please note that any fees documented on prior HTA contracts will remain unchanged.
** HTA fees are subject to change without notice.

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